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The Biggest Playdate

When:  Sunday 5th of March, 2023 10.00am - 3.00pm

WE'RE BACK! Join us for a fun family event to raise awareness and money for the children treated at Monash Children's Cancer Centre! Featuring amusement rides, art and craft stalls, food vendors, a silent auction and more!

A fun-filled carnival day for families to enjoy! Plenty of fun rides including a rock-climbing wall, chair-o-plane, spinning tea-cups ... plus plenty of old school games like pie face and drink toss! 

Whether you fancy the classic snag, a hot coffee or sweet treats - we've got food and drinks available the whole day! 

Not only is this day a fun family outing, it is raising awareness for Monash Children's Hospital and the amazing work they do servicing our South-East children. All the money spent on the day will go to an important project benefiting children at Monash Children's Cancer Centre - whether it be funding for research or something more tangible for patients.

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