3 Year Old Kindergarten

For most children, three-year-old Kinder is the first educational setting they have attended.

At Aspendale Gardens Kindergarten, children are encouraged and supported by our educators through play-based activities

that have been designed to help them become familiar with the educational setting.

The main focus of three-year-old Kinder is to develop each child’s identity, their feelings of security and resilience within the

setting and developing relationships. It is also focused on the development of communication skills and interactions with other children.


The educators and co-educators aim to provide a positive interactive environment that encourages and promotes these lifelong

skills.    The program is supported by a range of incursions throughout the year including chicken hatching, farm visit, Polliwog Puppets

and the Ben and Molly Puppet Show.

Our 3YO Kinder programs are held in the Wattle Room (phone 8512 0539)

2022 Applications for 3YO Kinder

If your child is turning 3 by 30 April 2022, they are eligible to attend our 2022 3YO Kinder program.


Applications are to made online via City of Kingston from 1 May. 


To lodge an application, click on the link here: Three & Four Year Old Sessional Kindergarten - Kingston City Council