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Partnerships with Families

We believe strongly in:

- creating and maintaining collaborative partnerships with families, children and educators; and

- creating respectful supportive relationships with families. 


These are developed and maintained through an effective enrolment and orientation process and continues throughout the time at the Centre.  In consultation with families, we offer a settling in timetable that assists to ensure children settle into Kindergarten at a comfortable pace. This involves an initial interview where you and your child meet the staff, discuss information and allow your child to become familiar with the environment. We have an Open House policy that means you are always welcome to visit the Centre to support your child’s needs.


We believe that an open line of communication is very important between the Centre and the child’s parents/guardians. Our staff are available at various times to meet with parents/guardians to discuss any issues that may arise throughout the year. We also regularly communicate through emails, newsletters and noticeboards.

Family participation roster

We welcome family involvement in our curriculum, and have a family participation roster for families to stay for the session and help in various ways. This provides time for families to observe the children at work and play and share your interests with the Kinder.  We understand that involvement depends upon work and family commitments and look to provide alternative times and activities for our families to participate.

Special skills

We welcome our families to share any special skills with us at Kinder.  We can incorporate these skills in our curriculum – these could include cooking, playing a musical instrument, acting, a craft, wood work, gardening, storytelling etc.

Parent representative

We seek the assistance of a parent representative for each class. This role plays a very important part in supporting our Educators and acts as a liaison between Educators and parents. The class representative assists in fundraising and organising social events for parents to help them get to know each other. Events might include family picnics and dinners.

Board of Management

Our Kinder is run by a voluntary Board of Management, and we welcome new members to become involved with helping to oversee the strategic direction of the Kindergarten and Community Centre..  If you are interested in contributing to the development of our service, please contact the office for further information.

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