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Our Kindergarten

Our team of dedicated and friendly educators at Aspendale Gardens Kindergarten are committed to working in partnership with families. They recognise that kinder is an extremely important time for your child as they form attitudes, skills and knowledge to build upon throughout their education and strive to make this a positive and rewarding experience.

Through play, the educators at Aspendale Gardens Kindergarten aim to facilitate a natural approach to learning to achieve the best possible outcome for each child. Our curriculum has been carefully developed in coordination with the Council of Australian Government’s Early Years Learning Framework.


Our Mission Statement

We believe in the importance of educators, children and families

• Working together in partnerships to nurture children’s voices
• Having high expectations for each child to reach their full potential
• Encouraging positive relationships within their learning context

Blue Gum Room - 03 9580 2153
Wattle Room - 03 8512 0539
Community Centre Office - 03 9587 5955

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