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Aspendale Gardens Community Service

Welcome to the Aspendale Gardens Community Service.

We offer a range of services to our local community including preschool, playgroup, programs and activities for adults, youth and children, as well as a range of community events.

We are a not for profit organisation g and are focused on providing a space for our community to gather to connect, learn and exercise.

Term 1 - 30th January - 6th April
Term 2 - 24th April - 23rd June
Term 3 - 10th July - 15th September
Term 4 - 2nd October - 20th December
School Holidays - 7th April - 23rd April
School Holidays - 24th June - 9th July
School Holidays - 16th September - 1st October
School Holidays - 21st December - 28th January '24


Please email to be put on the waiting list of if there are any other suggestions you want to see at our service.

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