JKA Karate
for all ages from 6 - 65!

Term 2, 2021 
Wednesday 21 April to Saturday 26 June

For further details and to book visit:  www.trybooking.com/BQCOJ

Please note:  you must book online before attending.

The Japanese Karate Association (JKA)

The Japanese Karate Association (JKA) are pleased to be bringing this authentic Japanese martial art to the Aspendale Gardens Community Service.

Everybody aged between 6-65 is welcome to start training, whether you have no experience or decades of experience in Karate or any martial art.

A globally accredited volunteer instructor, who is local to the area with over 30 years of martial arts experience, will conduct these sessions in the same way that JKA Karate is taught as a school subject in schools and universities across Japan. The emphasis on teaching and training differs with age and experience of the student, but we focus on training together in a supportive and non aggressive environment.

Improvements in fitness, confidence and concentration, whilst meeting new friends are the first benefits you will notice once you commence training.

A Commitment to ‘True Karate’

The JKA prides itself on teaching ‘true Karate’, unlike others who may teach you how to ‘fight’. True Karate is handed down by instructor to instructor in the spirit of learning.

True Karate represents a way of life that trains us to be peaceful. But if conflict is unavoidable, true karate equips us to recognise the time and place for controlling an opponent. Such action requires focus, control and the benefit of years of dojo experience. True Karate is based on ‘Bushido’ (way of the Samurai), where the body, mind and spirit are developed simultaneously to learn self control.

Our Values

JKA Karate begins and ends with respect. We take pride in the conduct of our students and recognise that a JKA dojo can have a positive influence on children and young adults. Therefore, we take care to maintain a courteous and respectful environment at all times, both in our conduct inside and outside the dojo.

There is a code of conduct for JKA Karateka called the Dojo Kun.  It is simple in nature and is expected to be followed in training and in everyday life. There are five points to the Dojo Kun, which are:

1. Seek Perfection of Character

2. Be Faithful

3. Endeavour

4. Respect Others

5. Refrain from Violent Behaviour


Karateka are expected to learn the Dojo Kun through their training.

For more information visithttps://www.facebook.com/jka.aspendale.gardens